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You have now made it to the seventh and final step – rotating the corner pieces so that they are on the correct sides of the cube. This move only rotates the front and right corners. This move will most likely need to be repeated several times and you may have to rotate the cube in your hands before repeating it.

This is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you start this step.
These are the moves that you should make with the Rubik's Cube.
This is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you finish this step.
how to solve a rubix cube
  1. Charlie:

    Thanks! Finished the rubik’s cube! Now, to memorize it…

  2. Andy:

    These instructions worked like a champ.

    Does anyone know of websites that teach the theory behind these moves? Understanding how it works seems to me much more interesting then memorizing these steps.

  3. James:

    What do I do if only one of the corner pieces are out?

  4. Amie:

    Done it! Woohoo, thank you 🙂

  5. Andy:

    Thank you!

  6. Bayesy:

    @ james: keep performing the moves regardless of how many corner pieces are already in place when you get to this stage. If you do the moves enough times it will work out.

  7. Lori Giles:

    I have learned that on this step, the corners will always rotate counter-clockwise if they are on the left, and clockwise if they are on the right. This means that if you rotate the entire cube, the corners will rotate in different directions.

  8. Jay:

    Best instructions ever!

  9. Anand:

    if the last step messes the whole thing do it in reverse , I have finished it

  10. Srushti:

    Love this site…I did it..!! Thanx a ton…:D
    feels great..!

  11. lucas 9:

    Memorized it all!

  12. leo:

    It’s so hard. I still haven’t done it after 20 goes.