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Once you have the cross at the top, the next step is to get all of the top middle pieces to be on the correct sides. This step, like the previous step, will most likely need to be repeated several times. A useful tip is that, when you have two adjacent sides in the correct place, rotate the cube in your hands so that those two sides are in the back right and front right positions, then repeat this move once more. After doing this, the top pieces will all be in the correct order but will need to be rotated around the cube until they are on their correct sides. (HINT: when performing this step, keep in mind that the front left piece will not move.)

This is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you start this step.
These are the moves that you should make with the Rubik's Cube.
This is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you finish this step.
how to solve a rubiks cube
  1. hardfrustart:

    Wow by accident, with this step I COMPLETED THE CUBEE! thankszzzzz ssOOOOOOo much!!!!!!!!!! 😀 <3 this site!!!

  2. Tracy:

    This site helps a lot a lot more than YouTube video but I’m sort of stuck. I keep doing that step, and correctly, but all four sides just wont get the middle piece.

  3. RC3:

    Is this step correct? Tried it numerous times.

  4. Christina:

    I seem to have trouble getting the last part. D:
    to me, i find it confusing. 🙁

  5. Fanboy:

    Also stuck here. What do you mean exactly by, “when you have two adjacent sides in correct place”?

  6. Rame:

    Try doing this move backwards. Instead go down, right, up, right, down, right, right, and up.

  7. Mister X:

    I did have some problems with this step but then realized what I could do to fix it. To anyone reading this note, if you repeat step 5 two times, you should have two of the top middle pieces in place. The other two sides should be back to front. TO COMPLETE WITH THIS ARRANGEMENT: Twist the top row ONCE to the left, and repeat the step. This should complete this step. And yes, random guy possibly below me, I have also completed the cube on this one step. See ya!

  8. Mo:

    The key is to rotate the top alot. You may find yourself stuck on this step, but if-like said before- you twist the top, it may work better. your picture doesn’t need to look like that *before* for the step to work

  9. John:

    add a U to the end of the algorithm.

  10. Graham:

    After doing this step, you might have to rotate the top so the colours line up

  11. jelly k:

    did it! thanks to Rame i think i got it! thankz Rame.

  12. Ashley:

    I did this step once and it worked, but the next time I was trying to do this step it wouldn’t work. I did it multiple times but it still didn’t line up. What do you mean by ‘adjacent sides’?

  13. khushie.609:

    It means opposite or beside

  14. Dom:

    I had trouble with this step too.
    It’s easier when you know what happens:
    after doing this move once, the front left cube stays in place, while the other three rotate places in an anticlockwise fashion.
    So front right moves to back right, back right moves to back left, and back left moves to front right.

  15. Suhail:

    Thanks to solver and all friends who give important notes.
    i got the solution.

  16. Ali:

    About half the time I try this step it totally messes up the cube. Am I doing something wrong or should not be following the step exactly or something?

  17. Auto:

    I had a bit of trouble with this step too, until I realized I was skipping an important part: when NONE of the sides match, turn the top until one does. It’s legal; you won’t mess anything up. Also, the move for this step merely swaps three of the corner pieces in a counter-clockwise fashion, namely the front-right to the back-right to the back-left and to the front-right again. Orienting the pieces properly will fix it easily.

  18. Raj:

    Very useful..i liked this web site..thanks..:-)

  19. arunkarthick:

    this thing really works . cool stuff 🙂 and i love this 🙂

  20. Nikki:

    Okay after many times doing this step I got the top to be all full yet the sides were not.

  21. Abhijith:

    It’s awesome!

  22. Tay:

    I got it!!! Just wish I knew what to do next. 🙂

  23. bob:

    This only works a little. I can only get this to work for two sides at a time.

  24. Hi:

    It’s annoying because sometimes you have to do it fifty times. 🙁

  25. Rose:

    Thanks verry much misterX! I have it now. 😀

  26. Hi:

    If the white and yellow sides are correct but not the red and orange then face the white towards you and do :

    right down, top right, right up, top right, right down, top right, top right, right up, right up, top left, right down, top left, right up, top left, top left, right down, top left.

  27. Aaron:

    The beginning picture has it opposite. If you do it with the correct side on the right, instead of the left, then all four sides will get it in one try.

  28. Mohammad Malik:

    This site helped me a lot! I finally solved the cube!

  29. nicolette =):

    i love rubic’s cube !! <3

  30. Jeremy:

    If its not working and you keep the same piece in the same spot its becuase youve taken the cube apart in the past and didnt put it back together properly

  31. mahoday:

    These steps are very easy to understand. Awesome job.

  32. Vic:

    the middle pieces fall in the right place but then the corner pieces are always stuffed up :/ does this move also solve the corners or only the middle..