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Before you start this step, flip the cube over so the face that is complete is now the bottom. In the pictures, this is the green side. Now, turn the top layer of the cube to match either of the “before” pictures below. This will make an upside down “T” with one color. We will move that top middle piece to the correct spot on the middle row in this step (as shown in the “after” picture). There are two ways to do this depending on which side the “T” is on when you’re looking at the cube. Make sure to find the correct starting picture before doing this step. Repeat this step with all four sides. (HINT: If you ever get stuck where there aren’t any useful pieces on the top layer then do one of the moves below in reverse.)

This is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you start this step.
These are the moves that you should make with the Rubik's Cube.
This is how the Rubik's Cube should look when you finish this step.
rubik's cube solution
  1. Alaysia:

    I’m following every step and it’s not working.

  2. admin:

    Are other people having this same problem?

  3. Mickey:

    It’s not working for me, either. I get all but one block on each side.

  4. admin:

    I just reviewed this step and it seems to work fine for me. Give it another try. If you get stuck again try including a link to a picture of your cube.

  5. Dan:

    Works fine here. If you have a block in the wrong rotation but correct spot, use this pattern to rotate it out and then use it again to place it back in place, in the right rotation.

  6. ben:

    i cant wait to complete my lego rubix cube solver! these steps don’t seem to be working for me! can I get some help?

  7. ben:

    I’m getting every block except for the corner one! is this right?

  8. ben:

    works for me. try repeating the step on the same side until you get it right.

  9. Joe:

    its not working for me either, im having the same problem as them ^^

  10. TJ:

    Try reversing the direction and order of the steps for the corner you’re stuck on. I had the same issue and this worked for me.

  11. Solomon:

    I encountered problems at first as well because I wasn’t sure if the color of the tile at the bottom of “T” (top surface of the cube in the picture) mattered. Then I studied the pictures again and realized that not only must the “T” be created, but the color of the tile at the bottom of the “T” (on the top surface, surrounded by “white” tiles in the picture) must correspond with the color of the bottom line to the left (or right, depending on what works with your particular combination) of your “T”. Once that was cleared up in my mind, the moves went very smoothly.

  12. Stef:

    I can get it as long as they match the pictures, but I get stuck if I don’t have a match. So when I do it in reverse it messes everything up. Could you explain that better?

  13. Dylan:

    I am stuck on this step, I can get the bottom 2 rows on the yellow side but when I try the first step to get the red it just screws up my yellow…can anyone help?

  14. Somone:

    I can’t get it to work. I can get most of them but then I get stuck on the last 2 colors. They don’t match up like they’re supposed to.

  15. Leroy:

    I got it working just fine people. If it isn’t working for you just do the step, then when you are done just do it for the next side until you have done it for all four sides.

  16. HAC:


  17. Carolina:

    What do I do if one of the pieces is reversed

  18. SEb:

    i can get the two rows of all the same colour apart from one on the red and one on the yellow 🙁

  19. M-c:

    What about the corners? I have two orange corners at opposite ends. My underside is green and the two oranges sit on the blue side…. 🙁

  20. Jen:

    What exactly does it mean to “do one of the moves below in reverse”? Do you start with the last step and do each step backwards? Do you start with the last step and do each step as shown? Do you start with the first step and do each step backwards?

  21. seb:

    What does it mean by “do one of the steps below in reverse” how do i do a step in reverse?

  22. Imani:

    I’m having the same problem. Its just one, and no matter what i do its the same thing.

  23. Brian:

    “Now, turn the top layer of the cube to match a “before” picture below.”

    – This doesn’t seem to apply, or not in every case. Not in my case. The “before” picture cannot be matched by simply turning the top layer of the cube.

  24. Trey:

    I had the same problem but I looked it over a couple times and then I got to work

  25. Simran:

    I don’t understand how you repeat it

  26. John:

    For those having trouble: If your cube looks like the top cube, then ONLY follow the first two lines of moves. If it looks like the bottom cube then ONLY do the last two lines of moves. This made it work for me, as I was trying to use all four lines of moves.

  27. Tabrez:

    this step is not working for me either

  28. kmj13:

    I get going pretty well, with white on the bottom and yellow on the top, however I get to a point in this step when all the edges on the side are yellow, and I don’t know how to fix it. help would be appreciated.

  29. O-J:

    Help! Whenever I do this step, i don’t end up with 6 complete on each side, as in the picture, i end up with weird blobs of more than 6 which are not arranged neatly… why?

  30. O-J:

    Ok, now i have fixed it… almost. it’s all evenly 6, except there is one block in the middle layer, an edge block, and each side of it is on the wrong side… how can i flip this block?

  31. Alfredo:

    Let’s say my upper color is blue, and every middle cube at the top has blue, either on the side or at the top. That will mean there are not useful to perform the step. What shall I do? It says do a step in the reberse order. I just don’t get it. Thanks

  32. Garth:

    ok so I have a white and orange side facing the same way as the red and yellow and vice versa

  33. KT:

    For this step, if anyone is having problems with it…. I had to try it a few times to get it. Look at the “before” picture and get colors that correspond with the way it’s set up. Choose the picture that matches your scenario and follow the steps. You should get the bottom two layers filled on one side. Once you get that, turn the whole cube around 90 degrees, MAKE SURE IT CORRESPONDS with the “before” picture again, then follow the steps again that correspond with the situation you have on your cube. That might be the biggest mistake people were making. Hope this helps.

  34. Will:

    When i do this step, i get the middle layer correct but the face i completed in step one is now screwed up.

  35. jitse:

    I get all blocks on one side but I cant get that figure I need.

  36. Jeff:

    When you say one of the moves in reverse, does that mean do one of the steps backwards, or do you mean to do the opposite of every step?

  37. sofia:

    If you get all the middle row except one cube, do one rotation for either of that side and it should get you back to the last upside down “T” you need.

  38. Irene:

    I’m having trouble with this step. I was able to figure out the first two, but this third one really messed me up. It’s rotate top counter clock wise, rotate left up, rotate top clock wise, rotate left down, rotate top counter clock wise, rotate front clock wise, rotate top counter clock wise, rotate front counter clock? All of these rotations are only done once?

  39. TARUN:

    It’s wonderful! I’ve got the whole cube working!

  40. Chris:

    I have been cubing for almost two years now. This algorithm works. Maybe looking at standard notation may help, The top algorithm is: U’ F’ U F U R U’ R’, and the bottom algotrithm is: U R U’ R’ U’ F’ U F.
    Also make certain that the edge you are trying to move to the middle layer is in the proper location as shown in the images on the left.

  41. Mitch:

    The “Hint” does not make sense to me. Could someone please further explain how one goes about doing one of these moves in “reverse” ?? Please Help!!!

  42. kimbridge:

    After doing this step once, twist the top row until the two sides of the cube with 5 of the 6 bottom squares correct matches the diagram,and do this step again.

  43. timothy:

    one of the corners is in the right place but backwards when i started the step

  44. Oscar:

    dosen’t work for me either on last one :/

  45. Chris:

    What do you mean repeating this step for all four sides? and I’m stuck with one square within the T’s

  46. Jesper:

    I have none of the starting positions in this step? Why

  47. Ellen:

    This may be tricky to follow but with my Rubik Cube I solved this in under 1 min by memorizing it and right now i am at 45 sec i think 😕

  48. LadyK:

    People keep asking what doing the move ‘in reverse’ means, and there’s still no explanation. Can someone please clarify this?

  49. Camilla:

    What if i can’t match one of the before pics?

  50. Jayakrishnan:

    Here is only two types. There is an other chance. Admin please publish that one also..

  51. Dallas:

    OK, here is my problem. You know how you are suppose to have the color that you want in a specific place at the top in order for you to have all matching colors in the middle, well in my case I have all of the colors except one blue. Now the blue is on top of the all the other blues like an upside down T, how do I get the blue on the top face(U) without messing anything else up??????

  52. Abigail Las:

    Thanks! 😀 It’s working ^^